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2/9/2018 7:28:08 AM

Chili Roberts
Chili Roberts
Posts: 417
Well here we go again......weatherman is just plain messing with us this season for sure. This will be twice that we will have beautiful weather 2 days before a race and then the bottom falls out for the race weekend! So due to the VERY dangerous chance of freezing rain/drizzle and snow to the north we are POSTPONING this weekends event. Round 7 Soggy Bottom FEB 11th. After driving home last Sunday in this exact same "light" freezing drizzle and seeing all the pileups and spinoffs I feel I have no choice. PLUS with Soggy having our biggest valleys and hills with temps forecasted for 15-18 Sunday Morning around race time I am VERY positive the FUN factor on the hills up and down would be ZERO. So let the "Chili is soft" talk begin but I feel I have to pull the plug this weekend. BUT we ARE rescheduling this event. Working on couple dates and will let you know either today or tomorrow when it is. US "soft" HBGP crew is heading now(Friday morning) to continue cutting virgin trail at the EPIC Miller 1200. Nothing like cutting/camping new trail for 3 days thru an ice storm LOL. Please spread the word.....sorry guys, I know it stinks. But looking anywhere north at all the travel time for everyone to get here is going to be BAD!! We WILL get this season in....I guarantee it!

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Home » General Discussion » Feb 11th Race Postponed

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