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Home » General Discussion » Kilburn Woods/Jeff Meador Memorial RACE Report

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12/5/2017 7:02:52 PM

Chili Roberts
Chili Roberts
Posts: 417
Holy EPIC!!! Wow, what better way to pay tribute to Jeff than to have a fantastic turnout on a 68 degree beautiful day in December!! I sure know he was smiling down on all of us as we ripped through his woods! So REALLY REALLY appreciate everyone who came out. We have had an incredible start to a great season. 3 races and 3 record turnouts! Already have battles roaring in the classes! Sure pumps us all up to keep bringing you guys a 120% effort on sweet race courses! Do want to apologize for our old school scoring when the reader went down! And my wife says I need to apologize for being so "stern" to the racers on the starting line warning that everyone needed to stop and make sure they got scored. Sorry bout that guys, just wanted to make sure everyone got scored....I know as a racer I HATED doing an entire race good and then find out the scoring was jacked. But no worries, we are getting 2 new computers and a reader so hopefully we will be lighting fast and back in the 20th century lol. Jordan and I are headed this weekend to start working on the next round "The Flyn W Ranch" This is a new venue to most and has only had 2 MSHC races on it ever! It is a very sweet, sweet piece of property with great mix of everything. Lots of flow and has some great opportunity for an extended PM section with a killer fun AM loop too. Plus we cut in this summer 2 of our favorite seperate Pee Wee courses I think we ever have done. The Pine Tree section is UNREAL! So have a good weekend off and we will see you on the 17th!

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Home » General Discussion » Kilburn Woods/Jeff Meador Memorial RACE Report

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